Partners in Opportunity

We have over 15 years’ experience in creating and scaling new businesses across multiple industries and sectors.

E3Ventures was created to assist small scale Entrepreneurs with their big dreams!

Our focus is on investing and assisting those Entrepreneurs with less than R1 Million in turnover and fewer than 5 staff members.

Why do entrepreneurs fail?

Lack of experience and expertise

Lack of financial investment

Lack of understanding of how to grow, expand and scale

We do not only provide financial investment, but because most businesses fail in the first three years, we are actively involved with you during this period of your growth to ensure sustained success, after which we maintain our strategic commitment on an advisory basis.

We have partnered with the Entrepreneur platform OpenImpact, a connection platform that shares the same vision of creating real economic change in South Africa by promoting and assisting Entrepreneurs.


Let us join you in your Venture!

Find us on OpenImpact.

“Success starts by taking the first step and through showcasing your proposal on OpenImpact, we will be able to view your idea, product or service and contact you.”